About Pamapic

Our Story

There are few things better than spending your weekends with family and friends, soaking up some sun, and grilling some great food on the BBQ. We at Pamapic want to give that very same sensation day in, day out.


We understand that setting up a great outdoor area, with patio furniture, lighting fixtures, and all the other bells and whistles can be expensive, or even worse, you may accidentally buy a chair or table that never sits flush to the ground!


It’s for these reasons that we set out to make Pamapic the all in one solution for all your patio and garden needs. Our experienced design team makes sure that every product we make has a purpose, and that it fits well into our product line. We focus on what makes patio furniture great, so you can enjoy that furniture without ever regretting your purchase. Through our expertise we’ve created amazing relationships with the people who manufacture our products, and they believe in what we do so much that we’re able to get the best performance for the absolute best value.


And that’s why we do what we do, because like you, we want nothing more than to share great experiences with our friends and family.

Pick the Best, Pick Pamapic