Top 5 Gas Patio Heaters and How to Choose Them

by Iris Ke

As the colder climates become a reality, outdoor furniture tends to adjust to meet the needs of those entertaining outside. These temperature downturns can be extreme, and finding the right patio heater can reinvent your outdoor kitchen experiences. To continue spoiling yourself over the cold months, you need to determine how to make a long-lasting purchase. When looking for the best gas models available, you need to consider quality, performance, and features. But, first, you need to understand what you need with the following types and necessary factors. 

How to choose the best patio heaters.

We tend to spoil ourselves during the warm months, enjoying our backyards and patios. When the cold season hits, we want to revel in the warmth and enjoy our backyards. During these months, your outdoor experience is only as good as your outdoor heater. How do you know you are making the right purchase for your needs? Start by educating yourself on the various types. 

Four major fuel types 

  • Propane.

    These are a popular option for homes as they are simple to install, there is no installation. You buy your heater, connect it to the propane, and “voila,” it's up and running. Propane heaters offer the luxury of heating quickly and consistently producing this heat wherever you please due to their flexible mobility. With such a positive perk, there is, of course, the negative. Propane tanks are more expensive in the long run, especially compared to natural gas. When fuel is low, the tank always needs switching. A great option if you want an instant patio heater. 

  • Natural gas 
    Of all the four options, natural gas is the most affordable long-term; however, for installation, it is not a “do it yourself” project. Initial payment is required for professionals to handle the installation of natural gas heaters. This may seem expensive upfront but once installed, there is almost no maintenance. The gas line is precarious in closed areas, making it less portable and only meant for stable situations. Overall a great purchase if you want to save money and enjoy this natural gas heater in your home for years to come.
    It's worth noting that many people sometimes buy either propane or natural gas appliances and wish to convert to the other. There is a possibility of switching without purchasing new units, but there needs to be a converter kit. 

  • Electric 
    The safest and most reliable of all the options, electric fuel is the only heater you can feel comfortable using inside your home. It's the most expensive of all the options, and it is dependent on an outlet. If you don’t mind the price or the limitations of using it in an open yard, this could be a long-term option for you compared to the competing gas options. 

  • Wood
    Wood is a fan favorite for the ambiance and environment it creates. Folks love the smell and the sounds of crackling wood during cold wintry nights. The maintenance of wood heaters is most intense with this fuel source as there are ashes, real uncontrollable flames, and wood that is consistently required for use. In a city, this may be more expensive due to the scarcity of wood supplies. If it's worth the extra effort, wood is a great portable addition to your patio. 

Design options for patio heaters

Based on your particular needs for your outdoor heating unit, there are several design options.

  • Floor standing patio heaters 
    If you choose a gas heater, this is the standard that most people buy for venues, restaurants, events, and more. The prices vary with this design based on the heating power and gas type. 

  • Hanging and wall mount heaters
    Though these are electric due to their mounting on the wall, there will be some installation required. Many people prefer this option if they want to save floor space. The price can vary considerably due to the nature of wall mounting. You don’t want your heater falling on anyone, so paying more for this option may not be a bad idea. 

  • Tabletop heaters
    Suppose you need a more affordable option to help entertain less of a party and more of an intimate setting. In that case, these heaters are known for their quaint design and accessible features. Commonly found as electric heaters, you can find some gas options. Image the floor standing patio heaters but smaller. They come in many styles, shapes, and forms—your welcome to get creative with this patio heater. 

  • Fire pits and chimineas
    Chimineas tend to be the more affordable options compared to how extravagant you choose to get your fire pit, but this is a customer preferred due to the natural wood ambiance we discussed earlier. Just determine ahead of time if the extra outdoor maintenance is something you want to consider. 

5 Outdoor heater brands you can’t live without

#1 Pamapic 

Pamapic outdoor heater and outdoor sectional sofa

With 4.5 stars on Amazon, Pamapic provides a brand promise to bring quality results to your outdoor purchases. Pamapic outdoor heaters provide functionality with their sleek, stylish design and offer propane and electric heaters for those cold winter nights. 

#2 Sunglo Industries

Sunglo patio heater

Sunglo Industries is the primary provider for other brands included on this list. Their expertise and resources are spent on floor larger floor heaters versus tabletop, which was discussed earlier. Incredible reviews were not featured for this brand but overall good quality for the price.

#3 Sunpak

Sunpack wall mount patio heaters

Just as the sun heats in the sky, so do Sunpack’s wall mount patio heaters which customers always mount above the floor. With the few reviews, we found online customers are overall pleased with the results of these heaters besides the low variety in settings. 

#4 Endless Summer

gas-powered patio heater

Elegant in design and seamless in execution. Endless Summer provides a product that mimics the wood ambiance that everyone loves, minus the hassle. Enjoy a gas-powered patio heater with dancing flames with the design you prefer. They mainly sell different variations of fire pits, but each option has different fuel types; gas, electric, or wood. The electric tabletop heaters are their most popular product. Still, some fire pits they offer, people love as standing floor patio heaters—lots of variety and pleasing reviews with this brand. 

#5 Infratech

Infratech wall mount heatersInfratech solely makes wall mount heaters that suit customer’s needs for durability. There are few found online, but their reputation is known for reliable and resourceful products that get the job done. 


Whether wanting a stunning centerpiece for entertaining or to create a comfortable experience during a winter night, you need to understand the overall purpose and use case for your next patio heater purchase. We’ve provided a knowledgeable list of types and brands that could suit you best but keep in mind the following factors to consider when buying; cost, power, safety, environmental exposure, aesthetics, and simplicity. Understand the factors that are the most significant to you and your needs, and you’ll buy from the brands and end with the products that give you the best result.