New Ways to Cook Vegetables on the Grill

by Samantha Copeland

One of life’s most simple pleasures has to be dining al fresco on a warm summer evening. Quite often, people consider vegetables as the ‘side show’ to the main grilled meat dish; however, these recipes will remind everyone that seasonal delicious vegetables can in fact be the star of the show at your next BBQ! Not only are these dishes delicious – they helpfully loan themselves to supporting a healthy living lifestyle.

1. Grilled Vegetables

This grill recipe from Foodie Crush utilizes the best of in-season summer vegetables. The recipe is great as it requires very little preparation, technical knowledge or equipment – all that is required is a clean hot grill, oil and seasoning and BBQ tongs. The natural char of the vegetables creates a delectable smoky  flavour. Helpfully, there really is no limit on what type of vegetables can be used so you can use what is available locally and in season. The recipe does suggest that all of the ingredients are cut to the same thickness to encourage even cooking. The vivid colours of the vegetables will act as a beautiful centerpiece for your patio dining set and will be sure to wow your guests.

2. Grilled Potato Salad

Grilled Potato Salad

When attempting to live a healthier living lifestyle, it is always wise to start cutting back on products heavy in fats, such as mayonnaise. However, lots of vegetable and salads side dishes (especially in the BBQ and grill genre) feature this ingredient.

This Grilled Potato Salad by Serious Eats is an absolute gamechanger as far as texture, crispness and zingy flavour – you won’t even notice the absence of mayonnaise!

This is a two-step recipe, as the new potatoes used are parboiled before being tossed in the sauce and placed in the grill. However, recipes like this one are superb as they allowed for more time relaxing with your guests on the outdoor sectional and less time in the kitchen!

Following boiling, the potatoes are roughly tossed in oil which allows the exterior of the potato to break down a little creating more surface area to char and blacken. The spuds are placed directly on the hot grates alongside the lemons for the dressing.

To ensure that the potatoes remain absolutely crisp, I would recommend removing the potatoes from the grill and mixing them at your patio dining set. Your guest will feel like they are at a five-star restaurant with table-side service!

3. Grilled Corn and Ricotta Dip

Grilled Corn and Ricotta Dip

In my opinion, there is nothing better or more delicious than in-season corn. This vegetable is also abundant throughout the season, so it’s also a very economical vegetable to prepare for friends.

This grilled corn and ricotta dip recipe from Saveur also involves some preparation ahead of your guest’s arrival. However, the preparation is simple – cook six ears of corn and then once cooled, shuck them. Once the preparation work is complete, and all of the remaining ingredients are incorporated, the appetizer dip goes into the oven for 90 minutes and requires no further input.

You can invite friends to recline on your wicker patio seats – pulling out the ottomans to let them kick back and relax!

This dish is an easy ‘hands-off’ appetizer to allow everyone to enjoy catching up!

4. Italian Grilled Cauliflower Packets

Italian Cauliflower Packets

This recipe has three fantastic elements: 1) Quick to prepare 2) Easy to grill 3) NO CLEAN UP! With a hatrick of reasons to BBQ this dish, the most important one is it is absolutely delicious.

To make this Italian Grilled Cauliflower Packet, you simply trim a fresh cauliflower into florets (or simply buy a bag of pre-cut and washed florets to save time), place onto a large sheet of aluminium foil, add the aromatics, seasoning and butter, wrap and grill!

Whilst the cauliflower packets are grilling over a medium heat for 20 minutes, requiring no attention from you…sit back, pop your feet up and relax on the patio swing!

5. Grilled Beets and Carrots with Fresh Herbs

Grilled Beets and Carrots with Fresh Herbs

Carrots and beets are often overlooked yet they are both absolutely delicious vegetables! This Grilled Beets and Carrots recipe will completely change your perception of these veggies!  The herbal element of this dish is essential so please don’t fail to add them – their inclusion elevates the taste profile and heightens complexity of flavours.

This is another easy, no clean up recipe – simply prepare your vegetables, toss in the oil and herb combination, place on a foil sheet, wrap and grill.

6. Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches

Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches

Obviously, grilled peaches are not a vegetable but they are going to be included on this list as they can be used in both savory and sweet BBQ dishes.

After the main course BBQ dinner has been eaten and the sun has finally set – it is time for gathering around the pyramid heater, keeping cozy and eating some delicious dessert.

These Brown Sugar Grilled Peaches are a breeze to prepare and grill. Simply halve and de-pit your peaches, brush with melted butter and sprinkle your sugar and spices on the surface. Once well coated, lay the peaches cut side up on clean grates for three minutes and then flip, cooking for another five minutes.

The result is deliciously charred, caramelized dessert – you won’t even know that you are eating a healthy dessert! Although, these peaches are absolutely delightful when served with a high-quality vanilla bean ice cream and topped with pecans.

As mentioned, if dessert is not on the menu, the peaches can be used to top an arugula, feta and pecan salad.