How to Enjoy Your Patio?

by Alexia Childress

Patios are a place for leisure to gather together and enjoy the scenery you placed together. Different seasons call for unique ways to use your patio. Creativity is found in the most serene place where you are called to escape. The outdoors feels like a new world; in this, you will need a diverse patio to attend to your needs of being able to be here at any time. The furniture you decide on will differ on your outlook on how you will use it. The style you put into selecting your patio furniture will tell a story. Will this be a place of gathering for friends, an area for your kids to get messy and explore the backyard, or a serene place for you to spend time alone? You want this area to accommodate your needs for it. That may look like having a portable fan to reduce the heat to be out with the kids and enjoy the setting. Maybe you like to read at night and need outdoor lights that are bright enough for you. Whatever it may be, the story of your ideal leisure time is shown through your patio.


A vision in your patio furniture

Rooms in your home give you a specific feeling through hand-picked decor and furniture. When picking out your patio furniture, give it the same time and selectiveness when expressing yourself through it if you are looking for something more diverse to be one in everything wrapped together. You would need to get a broad set of patio furniture to accommodate the days you invite over more than your household. Also, buy pieces that are separated and pushed back together. This way, you can remove any excess furniture when you want to be alone with your thoughts and the fresh breeze against your face. Select a mini table and bench for your children to get as messy as they desire. If not, I would play it safe with darker tones to not seek out every stain they put into it.



This season includes Halloween, a day many children look forward to arriving. Hearing the ideas thrown around of what your child desires to be this year. Trick or treating on Halloween night doesn't seem enough of a celebration. As many holidays are filled with an entire day of activities, gathering loved ones around a meal. Host a Halloween Party for the neighborhood kids. This party will fall nothing short of any other celebration. Start your party early to mid-afternoon with various games from apple bobbing, scavenger hunt on your patio, carving/painting pumpkins, and the Halloween movie. Trick or treat as a group to end the night. Your patio will be the perfect scene to host the next best Halloween party.


Fall Films

The late fall is where you hit the coolness of enjoying hot cocoa outside. A projector is set out with a favorite movie on screen for the friends you have invited. Blankets are passed around to snuggle closely before the wind hits any areas of intense coolness on your body. Hot cocoa is sipped on with whipped cream mounted on top. You are lounging around and enjoying favorite treats to enjoy with everyone. Patio furniture is the critical element for an outdoor movie night—cushioned couches for everyone to lay across and spread out for a night of sitting and sipping. A change of scenery for everyone to enjoy a relaxing evening is what pieces patio furniture well together for your company on those fall nights.


Pride in your environment

It is so easy to overlook the maintenance of your outdoor environment. However, your favorite place can only remain intact when caring for it. When you savor your time away from the noise, there is nothing more you want than to have your favorite area pristine for you in your times of need. Outside weather can tremendously affect your patio furniture and decor outside. It can easily cause wear and tear to such beautiful pieces if not kept up. When harsh weather approaches, it may be time to pull some things into the garage to avoid damage. If your cushions came with sheet covers, throw those on weekly, if not daily. Invest in a water pressure washer to clean up the deck and patio area. It is so essential to upkeep with your items on your patio. Make this a priority to spruce up consistently. Nothing is worse than having company over and forgetting about a place you have continued to neglect. You take care of the things you love, so fall in love with a serene atmosphere you can create by renewing your care.


Patio Heaters

The weather that comes from winter is inevitable. It may not be your favorite time of the year, especially with feeling like your patio is going to waste during this time. Your deck is meant to be universal through all weather. It is why a patio heater is necessary to get you through the season of harsh winters. Instead of looking out of your window at such a relaxing and peaceful setting, you pieced it together. Go out and grab a patio heater that you will put to great use. It is an investment when purchasing items you cannot bear to live without to accommodate your day-to-day. It's a game changer for the family when having access to your patio for any day, time, or weather due to this purchase.


Kid Friendly Outdoors

Kids love the freedom of running around and seeking out adventure in their backyard. Children love the outdoors for the openness and endless possibilities of using their imagination to create new games. After being inside all day, they yearn for the fresh air. The patio is boundless with ideas for sparking creativity within your children. It can range from a picnic area, scavenger hunt, a pirate ship (that if they get off of the patio, they fall into the sea), and a sensory area to collect sticks, pebbles, pinecones, etc.

Whether this area is welcoming for your kids or your friends' children, a welcoming space releases the stress and pressure of hovering over these little ones. It allows pure enjoyment for the parents and children.


Everyone has that one place in their home that feels welcoming and secure. Let this be your place. It is your space to decorate and arrange the way your heart desires. Set it up for multi-use so your outdoor furniture and area can be where you and others come together. A few adjustments can make this space embracing for all visitors.