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Zasu Pitts
Truly beautiful outdoor heating!

A real beauty, not cheap-looking like some we have seen. We have only one regret - we didn't tie it down when a storm was coming. Because we didn't yet have propane in it, the dratted thing blew over and the glass tube broke. The company very quickly sent a replacement, and now we know to make sure it's tied to something when we're expecting strong winds.

WC Elliott
Great unit. Well made quality shipping material.

Very nice well made quality unit. Assembly is long but not difficult Be extra careful not to cut yourself on sharp sheet metal edges especially on flat pieces like base, burner unit, side panels. Be extra careful with top of glass tube not to bend over any of the three retaining clips. When lighting you must hold control knob in for 1 full minute before turning past pilot to high or it won鈥檛 light (safety feature)!

Nice Heater

I like this heater at night because of the visible, "dancing" flame. Assembly was pretty straightforward (I made a couple of correctable errors by not exactly following the individual steps). The only negative (four stars instead of five) is the inordinate amount of time and effort it took to carefully peel the protective coating films from the bottom panels and cap. These items could have been shipped with plastic sheet spacers.

Shawn K
Beautiful and Provides a lot of heat

This was not too difficult to assemble with care, but once done it is beautiful, and worked wonderfully. The flames can be adjusted very easily, and the heat it produces after just a few minutes is great for a chilly night after the sun has gone down. The neighbors love it too, and have commented on how beautiful it is to see the flickering light at night. It also does provide a great deal of warm light in the area so you do not need harsh bulbs on when using it.

Arrived defective.

April in Seattle. Finally got a string of dry days. Went to set the heater up and discover the base was bent, where one of the supports go. It was particularly evident in one of the four mounting areas, but a second also had a more minor bend. The other two where scratched, indicating they were also under some type of pressure. Makes me wonder if the packaging is questionable.UPDATE:Seller sent a replacement part. After waiting for ~2 weeks, the replacement part arrived just as damaged (if not more) than the original. There was absolutely no padding.